Meet Reuel’s Team

The People that Makes this Projects Happen 

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Reuel’s Group is headed by mr JR buJhawan, a qualified Civil and Electrical Engineer, that has been in the industryfor the past Ten years.

Mr Bujhawan has instilled an ethical and professional approach to the civil engineering and fleet management supply that is not generally synonymous with the industry.

He has an in depth understanding of the inner workings of Roads, Excavating and plant and equipment due to his profession in engineering. Due to experience

Mr Bujhawan has been able to identify and manage all the business needs of our various clients. He has also run a long fleet of trucks, plants and equipment which gives insight to the typical challenges facing transporters and thus could potentially impact on timeous service delivery.

This has also strengthened the Relationships Reuel’s Group has with it’s contractors.

More information will be provided